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Over the weekend, I was helping my cousin out with her WordPress blog and uploading a sound file. Although we live about eight minutes from each other, we used Skype to discuss the problem face-to-face using webcams. I was also able to see a live view of her desktop as she navigated throughout here website to show me the problem. I was able to easily see the problem and show her how to resolve it. I recommend installing the Skype View plug-in that can allow the other person to view your desktop while holding a conversation.

Educators can make use of this plug-in when collaborating with other teachers in different locations. If a teacher wanted to show another teacher student work or teaching strategy plans, they could simply pull it up on their desktop for the other teacher to view. This feature allows valuable collaboration to take place.

If a business math teacher needs to help an online student, they can simply use Skype View and the teacher can work out a problem on their desktop while the student watches and asks questions. The teacher can then have the student work out the problem while the teacher views and coaches the student. I believe there are a vast number of direct and indirect web applications and tools available to provide a quality online education; teachers just need to look for them and be tech proficient.