Collaborative Feedback with Storyboards

In media class I was teaching students the process of creating a short film. We learned story structure and the required elements needed in Acts I, II, and III. Then they wrote their story in script format in collaboration with the English teacher and most recently they have been sketching their storyboards in preparation for filming.

Storyboarding is a great way to teach students the process of thinking with an outside perspective and arranging ideas in a visual way. So many times students want to jump in and just start filming or use their ideas that are not fully developed. It is our job as educators to take the extra time to guide learners towards a more deeper understanding. With storyboards, students are challenged to write, draw, and while considering how audio will be used. Allowing students to fit these styles together like a jigsaw puzzle allows them to have a true inquire-based learning experience while problem solving.

When students gathered together in class, it was important to have them gain feedback from each other. I had each student share Act I of their storyboards. I explained that Act I was the most important part of their film and if you don’t engage and connect with the audience, you won’t have an audience for Act II & III. Each student then took about three minutes to explain Act I. With 24 students per class and 80 minutes of time, students were able to present and get effective feedback :

  • Students sketch their storyboards, take photos of the pages, and I project them on the screen
  • While presenting, the other students use my Google Doc form to give feedback
  • I am also giving feedback on the form & grading their presentation
  • After the student presents, they go and see the student comments for immediate feedback

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