Dance Video Step 1: Planning

Dance Video Project   Requirements The main emphasis of your video is the visual effects with AE and you use a list of effects. Filming When you film you will need to plan ahead and use two cameras from two different angles at the same time, both on tripods or something that will keep the Read More

Dance Video Project

In this assignment, you will create a dance video set to music while using special effects with Adobe After Effects. Overview In Korea, dance is an integral part of society and Korean pop culture.Dance is also an art that allows us to express ourselves in various genres and forms. Throughout the decades, dance has taken Read More

CD Design Case

You will be creating a full design of a CD case design and booklet while recording your own song. Part 1 Song Design Directions (GarageBand) CD Label Create a CD Label using various design principles for your CD –> Self-Portrait 1- Class(Behind the CD Label)Rough draft sketch –>A. Create a vector of yourself, the producer Read More

Collaborative Feedback with Storyboards

In media class I was teaching students the process of creating a short film. We learned story structure and the required elements needed in Acts I, II, and III. Then they wrote their story in script format in collaboration with the English teacher and most recently they have been sketching their storyboards in preparation for Read More

Magazine Front Cover

Part A Part A Overview You will be using what you learned about portrait photography to have a photo shoot yourself (using your friend to help you shoot) for the cover of a magazine that you will create in Photoshop. This is a very important assignment and may carry extra weight. Here are some past Read More