CD Design Case

You will be creating a full design of a CD case design and booklet while recording your own song.

Part 1

Song Design Directions (GarageBand)

    1. CD Label Create a CD Label using various design principles for your CD –>
    2. Self-Portrait
    1. 1- Class(Behind the CD Label)Rough draft sketch –>A. Create a vector of yourself, the producer –>B. Create the CD producer pattern design –>
    2. Band Photos
    1. 1 Class
    1. You will need to take photographs of your real instrument musician & singer, which you will use for the next two project assignments.Sign up for a photo time –>A. Take the photos –>B. Edit the photos –>
    2. Back Booklet Cover
    1. 1 Class
    1. Create a chaotic, yet organized, creative vector action scene using the musician who played or will play a physical instrument for you –>
    2. Front CD Cover
    1. 2- ClassesThis is your opportunity to create your own unique design –>
    1. Back CD Case 1- ClassA. Create a 60’s look that displays your song info and features your singer –>
    1. Print CDNow you are ready to prepare your CD for print and transferring your song to the CD –>
    1. VisualRecord the singer singing the song –>

Typography 15m Find your style of text for your CD project –>

Singer PortraitsCover: “Poster Design” their choice (apply)Inside Booklet: lyrics, creditsBack booklet: Action Vectors (photo in lab) & paint portraitBehind CD Label: Producer self-vector Mr. Men (bottom credits for back of CD case)Back of CD Case: Retro Poster examples (photo in lab) webnew self portrait vector video

do not do:

  • Submit your Final Project
  • PART I
  • Create your SONG in GarageBand
  • CD Case Design

Create the shapes and design –>

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