Dance Video Project

David Suh

In this assignment, you will create a dance video set to music while using special effects with Adobe After Effects.


In Korea, dance is an integral part of society and Korean pop culture.Dance is also an art that allows us to express ourselves in various genres and forms. Throughout the decades, dance has taken on many various forms and styles. Watch this student’s Evolution of Dance.

For this project, you will choose a style of dance (e.g. dubstep, ballet, oldies, swing, freestyle, bboy, etc.) and choreograph a short 90 seconds (limit) to 2:30 (max) dance to the appropriate music of your choice. A good resource for dance ideas is Just Dance on YouTube and the dancer can just follow one of the routines. You may have up to two dancers dance at one time but it is recommended to use only one because it may be harder with more.

You will not be graded on your dance but you will be graded on effort & enthusiasm demonstrated by the dancer you may receive additional points for quality and creativity; the dance can be professional, freestyle, or even just silly/funny. You may not be the dancer since you are responsible for filming and directing. You may ask another student if they are not dancing for another CA student. Remember that all of the 10th graders have completed this project and would probably help you out. Ask the teacher if you still need help finding a dancer.

You will then take your dance footage and add various AE effects to the video to make it a creative visual film.



Step One: Planning

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