Dance Video Step 1: Planning

Dance Video Project



The main emphasis of your video is the visual effects with AE and you use a list of effects.


When you film you will need to plan ahead and use two cameras from two different angles at the same time, both on tripods or something that will keep the camera still.


Choose a song with a beat that will sync well with the dance. Many times choosing a song with beats and no lyrics is a good choice. You may use popular music but it must be 100% appropriate. You may also choose to use GarageBand and make your own remix. Remember that when you film that it must be 90 seconds (limit) to 2:00 (max).


The first ~11 seconds of the song is for the dancer’s intro and then they should start the choreography of the song.

Copy the following (in bold below) and paste into Schoology while filling out the info:

Copy and paste to Schoology the following and describe what you will be doing for the following (these are only your ideas and you can change later if needed):

    • Main Dancer:
    • Song Name and Artist:
  • Youtube link to the dance choreography:
    • Specific Dance Location #1:
    • Specific Dance Location #2:
    • Day & Time of Shooting before Feb 5:
  • Specific Clothes’ Description of Dancer:
    • For your dance location, choose a background that is simple (see the Seoul examples below) and not too busy or distracting and make sure the lighting is good. Do the same for your second background. You may film indoors with good lighting if it is too cold outside although you may not film inside a house, apartment, or a parking garage. Also, do not film at YISS unless you get approval from Mr. Heil on the location at school (be creative and film off campus). Have your dancer to start practicing the choreography and in about a week you will submit a private practice video showing their dance to make sure it is smooth and rehearsed.


Read again each of the DV requirements. Copy the list below into Schoology and explain how you will incorporate the following effects into the dance since these can be the hardest to include.






Ask your dancer to use his macbook iSight or phone at home to record (in the actual clothes that you suggested they wear for the real dance recording) just a short sample (minimum 45 seconds) of the song they will perform (example). They can watch a choreography video on their laptop while they dance to it for the practice, which usually helps. You do not have to post the video but show me this short video during next class. If you do not want to turn it in now with this assignment, I will allow you extra time if you prefer and show me in class on Jan 26 but write it down so you don’t forget as it will not be on Schoology again. If the dancer does not show much enthusiasm or effort, then they might not get approved as your dancer. Remember, a good resource for dance ideas is Just Dance on YouTube and the dancer can just follow one of the routines.

Remember to upload your plan details and effects listed above to Schoology and a YouTube video to your song that shows the lyrics (if any) along with the evolution of dance screenshot.

DV Detail Plan Preview

Example Video: Julie’s Project


Now that you have chosen your dancer and song for your project along with your specific locations, have your dancer practice the Choreography of the song. Have them film about 30 seconds of the song’s choreography on their phone or computer inside or outside with a wide shot (head to toe) and ask them to share it with you and only post a screenshot of one of the video frames as a proof shot that they did it. Then in the next class the day after this checkpoint is due, show Mr. Heil their practice choreography on your phone or computer during class to ensure that your dancer is putting forth the effort for your project. You may need to change your dancer if they are too busy for you or they do not show effort.


Below you will plan out more in detail how you will incorporate the important After Effects’ requirements for the project. The first ~11 seconds of the song is for the dancer’s intro and then they should start the choreography of the song. Read again each of the DV requirements.

Indicate each of the following effects using the spreadsheet template (create your own). Take a screenshot of your spreadsheet detailed plan and upload to Schoology along with the dancer’s proof shot practice.

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