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by Mark Heil
by Mark Heil

Magazine Front Cover

Part A

Part A


You will be using what you learned about portrait photography to have a photo shoot yourself (using your friend to help you shoot) for the cover of a magazine that you will create in Photoshop. This is a very important assignment and may carry extra weight.

Here are some past examples and from a previous year & the archives. Also look at some of the grading samples.

Since Pinterest is social media, make sure you are responsible with your search and the way you use it. Do not work on this assignment in other classes, only in class or outside of school.

In a comment in Schoology, you will type the following:

  1. Magazine GenreExamples
  2. Specific clothes & accessories to wear: Bring clothes from home and match the magazine genre. This is the most important one of the list in order to make the magazine look realistic. You may not use a YISS uniform although pants are fine to use if appropriate to your magazine topic.
  3. Prop(s): You must use have to have at least one appropriate prop that coordinates with your clothes and genre
  4. Date: Sign up on the Magazine Portrait Schedule and do not edit anyone else’s time slots (all your spreadsheet edits are recorded in the spreadsheet history).
  5. Lighting: View the studio lighting video and decide what type of lighting you want on your subject’s face and type the numbers and description. Find a photo on the Internet that shows the type of studio lighting on a model’s face that you would like to try and match.Take a screenshot of only their face and you will need to  Explain how you plan to position your lighting in the class studio and the strength/power of each of your light of your key, fill light, & strobe.Attach the following photos to your Schoology post:
    Photo Example: Sign up for and pin at least five examples for your photo pose and style. Find at least one wide and one medium shot each. Then pin at least three front cover magazines that will give you good ideas on how to do the style of text and title and pin them to the same pinterest wall.In a previous assignment you were suppose to download the Google Photos app on your phone to back up your photos. Go to the app on your phone, click on Assistant (bottom left) and back up your photos. Then in the app click on Photos and take a screenshot that shows that the photos were backed up. Be prepared to show Mr. Heil in class that your photos are backed up with the Google Photo App.

Part B

Now you will take your portrait photos according to your magazine portrait ideas you planned (keep in mind the grading tips):

  1. Magazine Genreexamples (if you are unsure then choose fashion)
  2. Model: student’s name (any student in YISS; one model cannot pose for two people)
  3. Specific clothes & accessories to wear: (bring from home and match the genre; may not use school pants or shirt).
  4. Prop(s): must use a prop that coordinates with your genre

Read over the info to achieve the proper studio lighting, which is very important. When taking your your photos, vary the lighting between your photos so they are not all the same lighting; try to give contrast.

Use the two pose images from the Internet (Pinterest) that you found (full body wide pose & medium shot pose) and mimic the poses (lighting style optional) almost exactly (which you will be graded on). Part of your grade will be based on how well the poses are exactly the same but you don’t have to use those poses for the final magazine portrait cover.

Take four additional different poses of your choice but make sure to use the subject posing techniques that you learned which you will be graded on.
Make sure to take at least one closeup (or tight) shot of your subject and take your photos in portrait size vertical, not landscape (horizontal).

Upload the following photos to a new Google Photo Album named Magazine Shoot. In the album, arrange album in the following order (also see the example screenshot below):

  1. Insert the full body photo you found on Pinterest that you used to pose
  2. Insert your full body shot that mimics the Internet pose example from your Pinterest
  3. Insert the medium shot photo you found on Pinterest that you used to pose
  4. Insert your four additional poses that you took
  5. Lastly, place a duplicate of the image that you will probably use for your magazine front cover as the last image.
    After you submit it, you must get it approved by Mr. Heil during class before you can use it for your actual front cover. Many times students don’t have the correct lighting or it is not creative enough.

Fill out the form so Mr. Heil has access to it and can grade it according to the rubric. Take one screenshot of all the thumbnail images (example below) from the album and upload it to Schoology along with your Pinterest screenshot. As a comment, type your idea for a magazine title that you will use (do not use a famous magazine title).


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